How to Buy

Notation based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law

Shop name Shun Art Gallery Tokyo -Online Store-
Sales company name Shun Art & Design Co., Ltd
Owner name Kong Shun
Location 2-2-4, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 3rd floor of clinic mall, 135-0091
Contact Please contact from inquiry form.
Selling price The product price is displayed on each product page.
Payment Method We accept credit cards (VISA, MASTER, American Express) and bank transfers.
Product purchase method Put the product you want to purchase in the cart, proceed to the purchase, and if it is a credit card, purchase it after payment is completed.
Customers wishing to pay by bank transfer, please make a payment after the purchase procedure. We will ship within 3 business days after confirming payment.
Product delivery time We will ship within 3 business days.
Costs other than product charges Shipping charges will be added to the purchase price.
*Shipping fee for products with total of three sides over 200 cm will be quoted separately.
Returns / Cancellations Please be sure to contact us in advance by e-mail or phone within 7 days after the item arrives.

*If the deadline is exceeded, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.
*Customers are responsible for all shipping and refund fees for returned or exchanged items.

About shipping and shipping fee


Yamato Transport (maximum 160 cm on 3 sides) Yamato-Bin (total 200 cm on 3 sides)
Customers are responsible for shipping and settlement fees.

For large items with a total of three sides over 200 cm

We will inform you of the shipping fee after asking for the shipping address.

Please note that the delivery time cannot be specified for large items.

*On Mondays, we are closed for shipping and replying to inquiries. For customers who purchased on that day and made inquiries, we will respond after the next business day.