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Sakumi Wada Animation Blue-ray Exhibition‒ Giraffe’s Neck -special edition-

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Animation recording Blue Ray
1. Dino clap (1 minute 50 seconds)production year : 2019
2. Light lines(5 minute 22 seconds)production year : 2015

※A compressed version of these works are uploaded online.


<Animation Dino clap>

Dino clap is an experimental animation that draws a dance with dinosaurs not by using human bodies and creates a new dance.
In addition, from my own experience of giving birth, I tend to be aware of individual differences, and I thought that I can express the differences of each person by using dinasour’s body than using human’s body.
I also wanted to express that music and art have the function of connecting them.

<Animation Light lines>

Light lines is an animation that was created in 2015 by collaborating with the music “Light lines” by the musician Villa Galaktika.
A group of dancers with long limbs are dancing on a vast stage. I expressed people pursuing good news based on the music title “Light lines”.

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和田 咲実 | Sakumi WADA
Born in Kumamoto, Japan, graduated from Kumamoto Prefectural Technical High School Interior Design Department, Fukuoka University of Education.
Has many exhibitions and awards in Japan, China, and the United Kingdom.
Based on her experience of general art such as marching and creative dance, she creates an animation with the theme of expanding physical expression, and expresses shapes and movements that the human body can not do with animation.
The work depicts the lively appearance, enthusiasm, and swell of the who live now and who enjoy peace.

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Dimensions 14.3 × 12.5 × 0.5 cm