Diary Jul.11,2020

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Watercolour on Paper


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Jeffery Hessing

American artist based in Shanghai.Hessing’s paintings vibrate with color and life, reflecting his unending search for the extraordinary in the ordinary. His work resonates with his life experiences from Brooklyn, to the Cote d’Azur, to Shanghai and now in Vietnam. He is now stuck in Vietnam since February because Covid-19 spread during his stay in Vietnam. During his quarantine time, he spent time for drawing. There are images from different parts of France, Several places in China, Bermuda, Slovakia, Italy, Israel.

His work is like a diary. He is a witness to his own life. Painting on rooftops or bridges as well as trips to the wilderness, have turned his “plein-air painting” into an adventure. His extensive travels for exhibitions have provided exotic subjects for landscapes, interiors, cityscapes, and accumulated objects.

The drawings exhibited this time has the date of the day when the work was drawn, and while he was unable to leave Vietnam due to the influence of the coronavirus, he drew a work instead of a diary while thinking about foreign lands.

He exhibits worldwide and is permanently represented in Boston and Shanghai.

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Dimensions 19 × 27 × 1 cm