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Drawing- Guardians Celestial beast , Simha

Material: drawing, graph paper, pen
Size: 28cm×40cm
Production year: 2020


Even though I don’t remember much, in a childhood day, I was often taken to temples in the Kinki region and met Buddha statues.
I had no knowledge of the backgrounds of the Buddha statues, but I felt very scared because I felt the strange atmosphere emanating from them and the dense air leaking from inside.

Perhaps I felt some kind of “awe” as a child.
At the same time, I was interested in subcultures such as science fiction movies, anime, and japonistic robot expressions.
It seems that they also felt the same scent when they witnessed the producer’s thorough commitment to them.

I think that it gradually changed from “awe” to “respect”.
The feelings I had forgotten began to wake up when production began to take on a great weight in my life.
Then I began to delve into the emotions and incorporate them into the work.

As a result of the transformation of the canvas in me, a means of expression called a figure was born, and the work that I dug down inside is called Guardians.
It is a means to directly express the “awe and respect” that I felt from Buddha images and subcultures on my childhood days, and the various senses and spirituality that have been and will continue to be accumulated in my life. It also plays a role as a sacred shrine and box for containing the.

上根 拓馬 | Takuma KAMINE
Born in Osaka, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Fine Arts, majored in Painting.
His artworks are exhibited at solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, art fairs in the Unites States, Japan, Shanghai, Taipei, etc. many times.
His work is an attempt to model old and new Japanese culture as a metaphor for contemporary Japan. Sometimes the work that has a real animal bone on the “face” pursues the theme of what is Japanese.

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Dimensions 28 × 40 cm