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Morning Dawn L_1

¥495,000 (with tax)

This artwork was created by a unique technique of manually winding embroidery threads on cardboard in a striped pattern.

Technique: mixed media (embroidery thread (cotton), cardboard, acrylic paint)
Size:H900 x W900 x D10 mm (H930 x W930 x D35 mm with frame) 

*The price includes framing.

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One afternoon, in front of the train station, I saw a young man smoking his cigarette, and wispering “Die, die, die…”. I thought “This guy is mentally sick…” and also I thought “What a difficult world we live in!”.

In the unstable world like this, I often feel like there’s no meaning of making art and art has no power. Nevertheless, I wanted to make something to lighten up people’s feeling, and this time I made my works inspired by the image of the morning dawn.

The morning dawn is strange, it’s always the same sun, but the color is entirely different by the place, air temperature, weather, etc. The same way we are in each different place in this world, and we are living each person’s life with different happiness and troubles.

I can only do a little thing by my artworks, but I hope people who saw this work will feel like being cheered up like when people see the rising sun.


シムラ ヒデミ | Hidemi SHIMURA
Born in Shizuoka, Japan. Graduated from Musashino Art Univ. majored in fashion design in Tokyo.
After graduate, she worked as a 3DCG creator for some years. Then she started her activity as a contemporary artist.
She exhibited her artworks many tomes in Japan, Shanghai, and other cities in Europe and the U.S.. In 2007, she moved to Shanghai and did activities as an artist there. She moved back to Japan in 2013.
Her artworks produced using thread is intended to reflect the world around us, such as the connection between people and the connection between people and the world.


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Dimensions 90 × 90 × 1 cm